Believe Water Saving

Believe in Yourself You can save Water

Wasting Water at home?

It is an avoidable hazard

But, how to avoid ?

REDUCE Wastage IMPRO-WISE Consumption RECYCLE Water

Water leaks can cost a wastage of several thousands of litres in one year !

A single dripping tap can waste more than 15 litres in a day !

Simple way to check if you have a leak

  • It is best to check for a leak overnight, when no water is being used.

  • Take a note of the reading on your meter

  • Wait for at least two hours (or overnight, if possible).

  • Remember not to use any water during this period.

  • Check the meter reading again.

  • If the second reading is different to the first, you may have a leak – Call the technician.

The flow rate of a regular tap is 9.5 Ltr or more per minute

The flow rate of a regular shower is 18 Ltr or more per minute

  • Brushing teeth? Don’t forget to close the tap while brushing

  • Washing your face or hands? Use a mug instead of running tap water

  • Having a shave? You don’t need running water to keep the blade clean !

  • Having a shower? Stop the shower while using soap or shampoo !

  • Do you have a washing machine? Don’t turn on until you have a full load

  • Are you washing by hand ? Use a bucket instead of running tap water

  • Are you washing by hand with a bucket ? Great !

But, don’t refill the bucket to dip each clothing

separately. Be reasonable.

Improve water savings by wisely consuming water.

Impro-Wise to become Water-Wise

  • Install tap aerators and water efficient shower heads

  • Washing vessels? Fill the sink instead of washing under a running tap

  • Washing your car? Do you know about water wise ways to wash your car?

  • Watering your garden? Using mulch on the soil increases water penetration, reduces evaporation and reduces the net use of water for gardening

  • Don’t double flush in the toilet. Get a single brush for the toilet !

  • Each press on the button to flush in the toilet can use up to 7 litres of water

  • A family of four people can use more than 100 litres a day in toilet.

  • A dual flush system can save at least HALF of the water flushed in the toilet.

The fresh water used can be Re-used for appropriate purposes

The resultant grey water can be Recycled and Re-used as fresh water

  • Use the runoff water from washing machine, shower and sinks to fit for purposes by diversion techniques.

  • Use of grey water diversion devices with expert advice and safety checks

  • The diverted water can be used to flush the toilet and garden irrigation

  • Install a grey water Recycling unit. This may sound expensive but it can be a cost effective long term solution.