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Learn more about saving water at home and in the community

Share your learning in your family to create awareness about water saving

Pledge your birthday or any anniversary to save water (Share pics with us)

Campaign for awareness… In the community and at large **

Rally with us to generate thoughts on water conservation **

Collaborate with us and broadcast your expertise (For experts and organisations)

Water saving project in your mind? * Neer Inaiyam is with you. Contact us

Want to volunteer with Neer Inaiyam? We are glad to Welcome you!

Along with all possible options above, We also request you to DONATE

** We request you to seek for a permission from concerned authorities if needed.

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    • If you have to send a file (document, picture or video) for your project, please follow these regulations below.

    • Not more than two documents – .doc, .docx, .pdf only up to 1MB each
    • Not more than two images – .jpg, .jpeg, .png only up to 1MB each
    • Not more than two videos – .mp4 only and a maximum size – 3MB each

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